The two divine Mexican telenovela divas put an en to their rivalry by hugging each other during an event for the TV series, Mujeres asesinas

Por People Staff
Updated Junio 17, 2008
Lucia Mendez y Veronica Castro

Tension, intrigue, and emotion were what during the presentation of the TV series Mujeres Asesinas last weekend in Mexico City. Finally, two great Mexican telenovela divas, Lucía Méndez and Verónica Castro were face to face after more than three decades of on-camera confrontation.

Much to the paparazzi's dimay, there wasn't any mud-slinging or hair-pulling going on between the two actresses. On the contrary, a warm embrace and a few quips were what the two divas shared.

However, the 55-year old Castro's initial behavior seemed somewhat cold and distant, and not showing any signs of wanting to reconcile with Mendez, 58. It was the latter who offered up a hug to the mother of Cristian Castro.

And to add a little more levity to the atmosphere, Mendez even grabbed Castro derrière and joked: “Look at this old ass ….” It was a happy sight to see on all counts, not only because Méndez and Castro smoked from the peace pipe, but also because the TV series Mujeres Asesinas was a hit, and brought out stars like Daniella Romo in droves.