The actress was forced to take a break from the set of her telenovela Fuego en la sangre

By People Staff
Updated April 16, 2008
jpi studios

With a non-stop work schedule taking its toll on her, Mexican actress Adela Noriega has been forced to take a break from recording scenes for her soap opera Fuego en la sangre (Televisa).

According to reports on La oreja (Televisa), Noriega, 38, was unable to support her body on her feet, which is why she contacted the telenovela's producer, Salvador Mejía, to tell him she couldn't go to work.

Even though Noriega is the star of Fuego en la sangre, it's been rumored lately that Aracely Arámbula, 33, could be replacing her. But Mejía denied the claims, stating that “the queen of this show is Adela Noriega, and I stand by that,” the producer said of the actress. Hopefully, Noriega will be better soon.