Vidalina Torres Montalvo is supposedly involved with a scam that creates fake IDs for aspiring doctors

Por People Staff
Updated Noviembre 01, 2007

The mother of Puerto Rican actress Adamari López, Vidalina Torres Montalvo, is supposedly involved with an outfit that makes fake IDs for aspiring doctors, according to the Puerto Rican media.

According to her brother, the doctor Adalberto López, the 36-year-old actress doesn't want to talk about the supposed scandal.

“Adamari prefers not to talk about the issue because she's recovering from an illness (cancer). [It] would set her back,” her brother told Puerto Rican newspaper Primera Hora. “My mother is in delicate health, and this whole problem is affecting her. We've tried to keep her as happy as possible, we take her to the beauty salon to get massages and get her nails done, so that she doesn't think about the situation,” he added.

The López Torres family doesn't want to comment until their mother decides to give her version of the story. The actress' brother did say that the mess has hurt his reputation as a medical doctor in Humacao, Puerto Rico.