Vidalina Torres Montalvo faces federal charges for allegedly being linked to a scam that makes fake licenses for aspiring doctors
Adamari Lopez

Vidalina Torres Montalvo, mother of Adamari López, told the press yesterday that she's not involved with a scheme responsible for providing fraudulent licenses for aspiring doctors of the Tribunal Examinador de Médicos (TEM) in Puerto Rico.

“I have a clean conscience, I didn't do anything wrong. This has to be a mistake. People are praying, they love me. With God's help, everything will be ok,” Torres Montalvo told Puerto Rican newspaper El Nuevo Día, after leaving the court of Judge Bruce McGiverin.

López's mom explained that in her position – Torres Montalvo is a 69-year-old retired teacher – she “didn't have that power,” according to The Associated Press.

She also discussed how the case has affected her children – two doctors and the Puerto Rican actress – and her son-in-law, singer Luis Fonsi: “I'm sad for [Adamari], for my kids, you have to see how much they call me…Fonsi, who's like a son, is also very worried. His family has called me a few times.” The 36-year-old actress didn't wish to comment to the press about the scandal.

The ex-president of TEM, Margarita Perocier, and 104 doctors are implicated in the scheme that supposedly involves Torres Montalvo and other intermediaries. As of now, 30 doctors have been declared guilty.