Credit: Snapchat

It feels like Snapchat is introducing something new everyday but don't get overwhelmed, here is what you need to know about the app's new function.

Snapchat has launched Memories, a new way to save your Snaps and Stories right on the app. It collects your favorite moments into a personal album to make it easy to enjoy or share in the future.

In the past, if users swiped up on the main Camera screen, nothing would happen but this action now opens Memories.

You can search through past Snaps and Stories by just typing keywords like “birthday” or “vacation.” Memories also allows you to put old Snaps into new stories in case you wanted to share a #TBT or #MCM and everyone will know it's an old snap because a frame will appear around it.

We all have those friends that love to swipe to the side when you're showing them pictures. With My Eyes Only, you can move private photos into a safe place where no one could stumble upon these NSFW shots.

Memories will be rolling out slowly over the next month. Users will receive a Chat from Team Snapchat when it ready to use on their phone.