By Thatiana Diaz
Updated March 22, 2016
Getty Images

As we all know, breakups suck. You could try to convince yourself and everyone around you that you are over your ex-boyfriend, but as much as you want to believe it, there is still a chance that you're not. Look at Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez. The on-and-off again couple prove how hard it really is as Bieber shared an old picture this week on Instagram of him and Gomez kissing with the caption “Feels”. To people's surprise, Gomez commented, “Perfect”. Some people can relate to Jelena and if you want to know if you're in the same bubble, here are the 10 signs that you are not over your ex.

1. You are unable to listen to any romantic song or any songs that remind you of the relationship without thinking of the person. John Legend is probably the most avoided name in your Apple music playlist.

2. Does his name come to your head randomly throughout the day? Do you wonder how's he doing? This means that you are not over your ex-boyfriend. The less you think of him means the more progress.

3. Cyberstalking — the most common after-breakup act. You are DEFINITELY not over your ex if you find yourself on their Instagram, Twitter, Facebook or Tumblr looking at their recent posts or seeing who's commenting on their pictures.

4. Your friends are tired of hearing about him. You subconsciously try to bring your ex-boyfriend into any conversation. Friend: “Does anyone want to go to the movies?” You: “We loved going to the movies every Saturday and then he just stopped taking me… can you believe that?” …Yeah, stop that.

5. Subliminal messages of how men suck or quotes on heartbreak on your Twitter or any of your social media pages are clear signs that you're not over the relationship. You're also putting your feelings out there for the world to see.

6. You still find yourself going to his favorite places— his go-to restaurant or the park where he does his Sunday runs. You're okay with showing up and looking your possible best. The fact that you're trying to get his attention and make him a part of your day is a clear sign.

7. Drunk texts— the worst!!!. The true test on how over the relationship you are is whether you drunk text or not during those night outs. You can say that you're over it but the alcohol will always tell the truth.

8. Haven't deleted the pictures of your relationship off your phone? Still have an album labeled “bae”? Well my friend, you're still in relationship-ville. This could mean that you're hopeful that the relationship isn't over and the photos will be of use in the future.

9. “Save in the pocket” theory. This theory is for all those who say, “we had wrong timing but I know we will be together in the future” or “he wasn't ready for a relationship but when he is, I know I'm the one.” Metaphorically you have put this person in your pocket and hope that you'll be taking them out in the future. Anything along those lines equals denial.

10. You're not trying to move on. I'm not talking about a week or two later. I'm talking about it being a year later and you haven't even tried exchanging words with someone of the opposite sex. In order to get over your ex, you need to be okay with filling that vacant spot they once occupied.