Por Thatiana Diaz
Updated Mayo 12, 2016

Kendall Jenner‘s new cover story for Harper's BAZAAR features her thoughts on fame, family and Karl Lagerfeld. Along with the bikini-sizzlin' photos taken by Lagerfeld, Kendall had a personal interview that revealed a more personal side to the celebrity model. Here are the 10 new things we learned about her:

Modeling wasn't always the dream – Kendall had a career planned out before modeling was an option. “I thought I was going to be a professional horseback rider and then a vet. I used to play these vet video games,” the model said.

Casual is the way to go – The Jenner sister revealed that she doesn't put much mind into what she wears. She said, “You'll find me in yoga pants, a T-shirt, and sneakers almost every day.”

The small things matter – When asked what's the first thing she does when she gets to L.A., Kendall said she does the little things that she misses while traveling like being with friends, food, and simply just driving her card. She shared, “I love being stuck in L.A. traffic.”

No shame in her ‘Bieber Fever' – Kendall and her family showed support to Justin Bieber at his Purpose tour concert. She said, “Of course I have the fever! He's a really good friend of the family's, so we all went to support him.”

Member of the #Beyhive – The model revealed her love for Beyonce in the interview saying, “I am 100 percent a huge fan of Beyoncé. If I see her, I will faint.”

Parents were opposites – As kind as Caitlyn Jenner seems to her daughters and uptight mother, Kris seeming uptight on television, it's actually reverse. Kendall said, “My mom was the pushover, and my dad was the strict one.”

Keeps her circle tight – “I'm not super open to new people. I have a small group of people I trust… Sometimes I'm very closed off, which annoys me, but I think it's for the best,” the 20-year-old confessed.

Kendall was raised like everyone else – The cover-star spoke about how it's the way kids are raised that determines their outcome. She made it clear that she was raised just like any normal kid, “I was raised so normally, or as normally as I could have been. It's also a generational thing.”

Stardom can get tough – Kendall admitted to getting overwhelmed with her fans and sometimes she feels they can get out of hand. As nice as the model is when it comes to fans, she can find it to be difficult on a “bad day.”

Meeting Karl was nerve-wrecking – Karl Lagerfeld is an icon in the industry and that made Kendall nervous when meeting him. She shared, “I met him at my first fitting for Chanel two years ago. I was already nervous because it was my first season, my first Chanel show, and I didn't really know what I was doing.”

Check out photos from the cover story below: