January 09, 2017 AT 05:23 PM EST

Would you rather lick a homeless man’s foot or eat an insect? You know this game and if you don’t, you might as well have been living under a rock most of your life. It was the go-to game at most sleepovers or road trips. The game of “Would You Rather” was made to see how far someone would go to avoid something else. It’s interesting and sometimes— outlandish, but most importantly, entertaining.

Here is how the popular game works: A dilemma is posed of two equally (if you’re fair) terrible, daring or unusual options and the player chooses which they’d do over the other.

Every week, we’re going to put your imagination to the test with a “Would You Rather” question. The questions will cover all topics whether it’s food, travel or celebrities. This week it’s all about time travel and seeing if you’d travel backwards or forward.

There’s no denying that the more absurd it gets, the more fun it becomes. Be sure to make your choice above and tune in next week to see what scenario we will give next!


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