Thatiana Diaz
March 15, 2017 AT 05:16 PM EDT

Mercy Ships aren’t your regular cruise ships. It’s so much more. Mercy Ships, started in 1978, bring a state-of-the-art hospital right to the coast of poor nations in need of medical care. With over 1,000 professional volunteers from all over the world and offices in 16 countries, this global charity is really making a difference.

The organization has gained endorsements of world leaders like former U.S President George W. Bush and former President of South Africa Nelson Mandela, while also gaining partnerships with well-known brands such as Microsoft and Cola-Cola.

“I think your time on board really changes you because you really assess what is important in life, and really what’s important is to serve and be on the helping hand to whoever needs it,” shares Kat Sotolongo, videographer on Africa Mercy. “I feel like many times you can get stuck in a rat race. Even the materialistic things, you realize don’t really matter but what really matters is relationship building, making those connections and trying to serve wherever needed.”

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