Thatiana Diaz
February 13, 2017 AT 06:48 PM EST

Mondo Guerra has made it his mission to keep the conversation going on HIV and AIDS after he shared his HIV positive status with the world on season 8 of the reality television show “Project Runway.” A secret he kept in for 10 years—not even his family knew about his status—is now his platform in spreading HIV/AIDS awareness.

The Mexican-American fashion designer, who went on to win “Project Runway: All Stars,” used his status to make a difference by collaborating with Merck on I Design, a national HIV education campaign that aims to help empower people with the disease to play an active role in designing their treatment plan with their doctors.

“Latinos are disportionately affected by this disease and I think it’s very important to keep in mind that we all have to be educated because HIV is very much out there; there is not a cure yet. We all have to educate ourselves,” he said.

Guerra sat down with Chica to talk about his New York Fashion Week show, opening up about living with HIV and the stigmas of living as a gay Latino male. Be sure to watch the video above!

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