December 01, 2016 AT 05:08 PM EST

Nowadays more Americans are dying from drug abuse than from guns or car accidents (BBC News), and the numbers continue to grow. With our country facing a drug epidemic, the indie film Adrift brings attention to what many Americans are too afraid to address.

Luna (Lauren) Velez leads an all-star Latino cast as Cecelia Fernandez. She plays a mother who finds herself doing whatever it takes to help her son Cameron but he’s in over his head drowning in the world of drug trafficking. In an attempt to save him from himself, Cecelia loses grip of the “American Dream,” as her career falters and family falls apart.

The film was directed by Christopher James Lopez and also stars Laura Gomez (Orange is the New Black), Tony Plana (Ugly Betty) and Olga Merediz (In the Heights).

Adrift made it’s world premiere at The Puerto Rican Heritage Film Festival and will screen for one-week at Downtown Independent Cinema in Los Angeles starting November 25th. Be sure to watch the trailer above.

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