February 16, 2017 AT 05:36 PM EST

Skincare brand Aveeno announced today that Puerto Rican television host and actress Adamari López is the new face of their brand. The television host—and her daughter Alaïa, who will also take part in this new venture—is the first Latina ambassador for the brand.

“I am happy to be an ambassador, with my daughter Alaïa, for a brand that I have used for many years. As a mom [and] hard worker, I am very proud to set goals and achieve them. I strive for me, my family, my work. And to collaborate with Aveeno makes me proud because they understand my needs, those of my family and also promote our well-being,” said Lopez.

As an ambassador of Aveeno, Adamari will participate in their new campaign “Time for Me,” which encourages women to take a little time for themselves, while emphasizing the importance of skin care. “I take time for myself to do things that I like without feeling guilty. I think it’s very important that time I take [for myself] because then I’m also good with the family, “explains the television host. “And I can look good not only for the cameras, but also for my family, which is the main engine of my home.”

Aveeno Senior Merchandise Managing Director Dawn Kidd said in a statement: “Her commitment to health, family, and her career is truly inspiring. She’s exactly the type of woman we’re trying to support during those well deserved me times. ”

Lopez recognizes that her concept of beauty has changed over the years. “Today, for me, beauty is to be healthy, to be happy, to be natural, to laugh, to thank God for every day that gives me life, to do good to others, to accept myself as I am with virtues and flaws. I am learning who Adamari López is, my successes and the things I might have failed in,” she shared. “In the moment I find myself in now, it makes me feel beautiful and confident, after having overcome illness, I feel even better about myself.”

Taking time to look after herself is something important in Lopez’s routine, which, like many Latina women, did not practice it so much before. “I took so much care of others, the family, the work, but I had little time for myself. Today I think that time is very important and vital for me to be beautiful and good with myself.”

A fan of the brand for years, Adamari will not be alone in this role of an ambassador, as her daughter Alaïa accompanies her. “I want to instill the same values that my mom and dad instilled in my house, of love, of caring for us, of loving us, of putting us as a priority, without being selfish, obviously caring for others but I want her to be a happy girl, a girl who wants to spend time with the family, to do good to others but also to take care of herself. For her treat people as she wants them to be treated,” said Lopez. “After being ill, I wanted to teach her how important it is to take care of ourselves, to spend that time that is to center ourselves a little bit.”

As a part of the entertainment industry from a very young age, she also has some beauty lessons to teach her first-born. “I want to teach her from young, the same way my mom taught me, is how to take care of the skin. We have to put on creams. Mom loved for us to put on creams, that we emphasized elbows, knees, ankles; those are things I also want to teach her. I want to teach her to respect herself, respect her body in that she always fragranced, clean and polished,” concludes Lopez.

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