People Staff
February 08, 2008 AT 04:50 PM EST

Rapper Juan Luis Morera Luna, better known as Wisin of the reggaeton duo Wisin y Yandel, has finally spoken up about being arrested after allegedly hitting his father. The singer claims he never physically hurt him, and that the altercation was related to the roosters they raise for cockfights.

“My father and I both have really strong personalities. Honestly, if I tell you how the argument got started you won’t even believe me, because it had to do with a rope I was using in a cage. He didn’t like that it was there. It was a little unfair, because I didn’t have to talk to him the way I did,” the musician said in an interview with Puerto Rican newspaper El nuevo día.

The reggaetonero denied assaulting his dad, as it was previously reported: “A lot of people thought that I hit him because he was in the hospital, but afterwards my mom explained that it was because he was having chest pains. My dad suffers from stress, he takes pills. He’s an intelligent person, very honest and of strong character, but I want you to understand that there was no assault,” he explained.

And in the spirit of leaving the incident venid them, the 26-year-old rapper asked his dad to forgive him. “I’m publicly apologizing to my dad, I love and adore him. Day by day I show my parents that I love them both. For me they’re the most important things in life. It’s not about who’s to blame, it’s about making sure this doesn’t happen again,” he said.

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