People Staff
October 03, 2008 AT 02:00 PM EDT

Although the actress Victoria Ruffo continues to shoot the telenovela En nombre del amor, her health has declined within the last few days due to a chronic illness called celiaca, that attacks the digestive and metabolic system.

“I can’t eat anything with gluten. It could be the littlest bit, and I immediately get severe diarrhea, and I’m at always at risk for anemia,” said the Mexican actress on Hoy (Televisa), adding that sometimes her stomach gets so bloated that it looks like she’s pregnant.

“Sometimes I look like I’m nine months pregnant and I say ‘God, what is this?’ It’s that I’m tired and inflamed, and I haven’t been able to sleep well,” said Ruffo, explaining that many people in Mexico suffer from the same illness and don’t even know it.

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