People Staff
June 26, 2008 AT 02:00 PM EDT

The real life soap opera involving Cristian Castro and his wife Valeria Liberman now has a new plot twist. And it centers around actress Verónica Castro, who was asked by a judge to testify in a hearing on July 1 based on her daughter-in-law’s request, according to Notimex.

Liberman solicited Castro’s presence so that the actress could provide detailed financial information about properties that belong to her son, that are in her name. The Mujeres asesinas star will also have to face questions about paying for her son’s house and legal fees, and the money that’s been received from exclusive interviews with the media, reports Telefutura.

The July 1 meeting will be held in the lawyers’ offices. If Castro, 55, does not appear, she doesn’t face any negative repercussions. But if she’s absent after the second subpoena, she could be charged with contempt.

The Castro-Liberman drama started on February 19 when the Liberman, a lawyer, filed for divorce. On April 29, the “Azul” singer confessed to having hit his mother and his ex-wife.

Since then, there have been a torrent of accusations made by both parties, and a viscous battle for assets and property. In the midst of all the chaos are their children Simone and Mikhail Zaratustra, who can only be seen by their father during supervised visitations.

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