People Staff
April 02, 2008 AT 11:00 AM EDT

A war of words has been declared. Just a month after filing for divorce from 33-year-old Cristian Castro, Valeria Liberman is now threatening the singer’s family. The Argentinean lawyer warned that she will not only disclose the motives behind ending her marriage, but that, if necessary, she also will sue her mother-in-law Verónica Castro for defamation.

“We have free press, and Verónica can say what she wants. She’ll run into problems when she can’t prove what she says, and then gets sued for defamation. If there’s something she can’t prove, we’ll see what happens, but that’s not my problem. So let the woman continue to talk, because I’m not afraid of what she says. The only thing that matters to me are my children,” the lawyer told a Mexican magazine.

The 54-year-old Mexican actress has said that Cristian has the right to see his two children, but Liberman, 33, emphasized that she has her own opinions regarding the situation. “If I listen to them, I’ll have to respond, because I have my own version of what happened. For the time being, I can’t say anything, but I am anxiously waiting for that moment to arrive.”

Liberman said she will reveal the truth behind her divorce from Cristian as soon as her lawyers authorize it. “Soon you’ll all know [the truth], and I’ll say it loud so that there are no more doubts,” she said.

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