May 14, 2007 AT 06:00 PM EDT

TV viewers will soon be able to enjoy the new Hispanic version of the popular series Desperate Housewives (ABC), thanks to an agreement signed between Univision network and Disney-ABC International Television Latin America.

“Our collaboration enables us to provide a premier production of this renowned television series specifically for U.S. Hispanic viewers,” said Univision’s executive vice-president, Alina Falcón. “This strategic agreement has a common objective: to provide U.S. Hispanic viewers with a new television production of Amas de casa desesperadas based on Desperate Housewives,” she added.

Fernando Barbosa, vice-president of Disney-ABC International Television Latin America, said he was pleased with the agreement: “It represents the consolidation of our international editions of Desperate Housewives, which are produced locally in Argentina. This is the first time our TV content, produced in Latin America, debuts on prime time, a schedule with high ratings among U.S. Hispanics,” he added. Now, it’s just a matter of finding out who will star in the series.

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