People Staff
January 29, 2008 AT 11:00 AM EST

For years Thalía and her half-sister, actress Laura Zapata, have had their share of misunderstandings. At times they’ve tried to reconcile their differences, and at other times they’ve refused to even speak to each other. Now it looks like the two are ready to smooth things over, which is why they’re speaking again and have admitted how much they miss each other. And even though Zapata, 51, blames the Mexican media for their distancing, she herself agreed to give a press conference about the latest reconciliation.

“I spoke with her after not speaking with her, and after all the he-said she-said that’s been discussed by you guys in the media,” Zapata said with pride.

“I got an email saying that she hopes we have the opportunity to meet up some time to see if we can talk through our differences,” Zapata explained, adding that she hopes to see Thalía again and start over.

Now Zapata can get to know little Sabrina Sakaë, Thalía’s daughter, without problems. “I already received the address where I can send Sabrina gifts, and that makes me happy. I told [Thalía] that now that she’s a mother she’s going to understand a lot of things, and she agreed, saying ‘I already understand a lot of things as a mother, and I also understand that I love you.'”

Zapata is also not on good terms with her mother Yolanda Miranda Mange. When asked if reuniting with her sister would inspire her to do the same with her mom, she answered, “No…everyone rebuilds their spirit, their path, misses what they don’t have, but you have to give thanks for what you do have,” the actress said.

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