People Staff
November 05, 2008 AT 12:00 PM EST

Not quite satisfied with the size of her large breasts, Argentinean TV personality Sabrina Sabrok made her dreams come true when she went under the knife to make her knockers even bigger!

The 32-year-old model is currently recuperating in her home after receiving saline breast implants.

“Although at first the idea was to increase the size from 7.7 lbs to 9.9 lbs. for each breast, the doctor, was able to increase the weight to 22 lbs. total (that’s 11 lbs. for each breast),” said a recent TV show about the surgery, which happened in France.

Erick Farjeat, the husband and representative of Sabrina, said he didn’t know how long it would take for his wife to recuperate, but that she hopes to return to work soon and fulfill her another dream: to be a mom.

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