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July 07, 2008 AT 12:00 PM EDT

On Monday, Cynthia Rodriguez moved to end her six-year marriage to her husband Alex Rodriguez, citing “affairs” with unnamed women, reports the New York Daily News.

“The marriage of the parties is irretrievably broken because of the Husband’s extra marital affairs and other marital conduct,” say the papers.

Cynthia Rodriguez filed for divorce before A-Rod, who had intended on filing his own divorce papers in Miami-Dade County Family Court Monday, citing her reluctance to salvage their marriage as his reason for wanting to part ways.

Back in Miami after allegedly trekking through Paris with Lenny Kravitz to dodge the paparazzi and rumors about Madonna and her husband, Cynthia Rodriguez claims she has tried everything to save the marriage.

“The Petitioner has exhausted every effort to salvage the marriage of the parties. However, ‘Alex’ has emotionally abandoned his wife and children and has left her with no choice but to divorce him,” according to the divorce filing.

The dueling divorce camps will likely duke it out in the courtroom for custody of their two children, Natasha, 3, and Ella, just 11 weeks old, and Alex Rodriguez’s multimillion-dollar baseball and commercial endorsement fortune. She is also seeking private school tuition for the children, alimony and the couple’s house in Coral Gables, Fla.

The divorce papers were filed only a day after Madonna adamantly denied she broke up Rodriguez’s marriage by using kabbalah to convince the baseball player that they are soul mates. However, C-Rod’s lawyer said her husband’s misconduct with the 49-year-old “Like A Virgin” singer was “the final straw.”

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