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People Staff
April 13, 2007 AT 02:00 PM EDT

After revealing he’s gay, Christian from RBD has not only received support from the public and his friends, but also from Puerto Rican colleague and singer Ricky Martin, who recently sent him a message of solidarity.

”Life is too short to get caught up in what people might say. I imagine that he must feel free in many ways and I wish him the best, much strength,” the 35-year-old singer told the Associated Press.

Besides offering his support to the 23-year old artist, Martin spoke about the Ricky Martin Foundation, highlighting that his humanitarian efforts have been a source of inspiration to him: “It’s a spiritual search. Philanthropic work helps me write music and the music helps me with my philanthropic work,” he explained, after saying he’s thrilled that more and more celebrities are doing humanitarian work. “If this is a trend, then I hope more trends like this will pop up,” he added.

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