People Staff
January 09, 2008 AT 01:40 PM EST

The bad news for Britney Spears never ends. Mark Vincent Kaplan, lawyer for the singer’s ex-husband Kevin Federline, revealed to that the LAPD placed a restraining order on the 26-year-old last Thursday after the pop star locked herself into a room in her house with her son, 1-year-old Jayden James, in an attempt to keep a court representative from taking the child to his father.

Kaplan called the latest legal action an “emergency protective order” to be enforced for five business days as a means to “stabilize the situation.” The lawyer clarified that he wasn’t the one to request the order, but he didn’t say whether or not he would fight to extend it.

LAPD spokesman Mike López did not confirm the restraining order on the “Gimme More” singer, but he did explain that if such an order were given, the person “would have to stay approximately 100 feet from the other person, or face arrest.” He added: “In most cases, it’s issued by officers when there’s the possibility of imminent and immediate danger to the victim.”

Of the troubled singer’s ex, Kaplan said: “Kevin doesn’t want to keep his kids from being involved in [Spears’s] life. But foremost is that the kids be in an environment of structure [and] stability. The next goal is to get things to a point where both parents are able to participate fully in their [children’s] lives.”

On Jan. 4, Spears lost all of her visitation rights with Jayden James and Sean Preston, 2. A hearing for the former couple is set for Jan. 14.

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