Barbara Covarrubias/
People Staff
July 10, 2008 AT 12:50 PM EDT

Shaken up by the distance that Susana González has put between her and him, Renato Malojuvera has said that when the baby is born, he’d like to demand a paternity DNA test to prove the identity of the real father.

“From the way she’s acting, it’s possible that the child isn’t mine, and if it’s not, then I would understand why she’s behaving that way. I would understand why she’s distancing herself. I’m not in contact with her. We’re not friends, we’re not a couple, we’re nothing, said the 27-year-old on La oreja (Televisa).

“I don’t understand why Susana’s distanced herself. I don’t know how to react to her behavior. I’ve asked her and nothing’s come of it. I didn’t receive a response. I asked her by mail because we’re not in contact,” explained Malojuvera, with whom the Pasión star had a short-lived romance after breaking up with actor Eduardo Santamarina.

It’s been two months since confirmed that the actress was pregnant with Malojuvera’s child, but in the last few weeks serious rumors have been circulating that point to the Yo amo a Juan querendón star as the real father, which has prompted González to distance herself from her ex-lover who’s asking for the DNA test.

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