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Andrés Martínez Tutek
June 24, 2008 AT 01:00 PM EDT

Pedro Fernández talked to us about his 37th ablum, Dime mi amor (Tell Me, My Love), a musical effort that balances melodious ballads with upbeat tracks, and proves that the singer is all grown up as an artist.

Insisting that he’s the same simple Pedro as always, the 39-year-old Mexican singer does admit that when he compares himself to “La de la mochila azul” (the one who wore that blue backpack) he now feels like he’s more conscious of his responsibility to his fans. Now, the crooner doesn’t hold back in his concerts, even if it means he ends up ripping his pants.

What are you up to?
Well, we’re promoting the new album Dime mi amor, and we’re really proud of the single “Amiga por favor”, which has been received really well, and it’s about to go gold. And like all new things in life, it’s about a new adventure and dream that we’re embarking on.

And what can we expect to hear in this new album?
Like always, we have a few romantic ballads, and others songs that are more upbeat and rhythmic to maintain a good balance. But they’re definitely all about love, and different stages of love. For example, “Amiga por favor” is the story of a cupid who speaks on behalf of love. Interestingly, the album also features a duet with David Bisbal, in “Sana mi herida’ and although it might sound like a weird song for me to sing with him, it ended up sounding really good, because it’s about our friendship and mutual respect and admiration for each other.

What do you think of the album now that’s it’s all done?
Look, the truth is I like it. I like it a lot. I already have 37 albums, and what I always think every time I record a new one is that I need to evolve and I need to do something better. The songs and the production quality are really good.

How do you see the present-day Pedro compared to the one that use to sing “La de la mochila azul?”
Man, all I can say is that Pedro remains intact, but obviously with the addition of some new things that are brought on by age and time. My intentions are always the same–to win over my fans by putting out a quality album–but when I was seven years old I wasn’t conscious of how important that was. They say that “to remember is to live again,” and well, after 30 years of doing this, I recall the past and think about how I lived, the friends and neighbors I had. And I must say that even though “La de la mochila azul” is an old song, it’s ever-present, because I haven’t been in a concert yet where somebody hasn’t requested it.

Has anything funny ever happened to you in one of your concerts?
Well, once my pants completely ripped open in the front–actually this was like three weeks ago–and the only thing I could do was try to cover myself up and keep singing, but I noticed that the fans stopped looking at my face, and started looking down there.

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