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People Staff
December 18, 2008 AT 11:00 AM EST

It just doesn’t seem to be Noelia’s year. After clips from a sex video hit the internet this year, now the singer is facing even more troublesome times.

People En Espanol.com, Jorge Reynoso, the boyfriend and manager of the 31-year-old singer, explained that he and the Noelia were assaulted with a gun in the Federal District. Although this area of Mexico can be dangerous, Reynoso concedes that the two were probably not as careful as they should have been.

“It was a little bit of both: we were not being very careful or responsible for being out so late at night in that neighborhood,” said Reynoso. “I sent her bodyguards home and we decided to have a night out alone. Nothing terrible happened to us. It was a robbery, just like the thousands that happen to people all over this city. But we shouldn’t have been out so late without out bodyguards. That was our fault.

“Mexico City is just as dangerous as any other city. It wouldn’t be just to say that it’s the only one that lacks a sense of security. You can get mugged or robbed anywhere in the world if you aren’t cautious. We’ll continue to live here because we love it, but we’ll just be more careful.

Just last week, Mexico City’s violent streak made its way to actor Manuel Landeta.

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