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August 16, 2007 AT 04:55 PM EDT

Soon after Mexican actress Florencia de Saracho stated that Niurka Marcos is vulgar, the Cuban answered, as usual, without mincing words.

“I won’t judge her, I believe she’s just starting, she got a lot of living to do and one day she’ll realize she needs both a career and some spunk, this way they won’t bring her down,” said the 39-year old erotic model.

Over the years the Cuban has been characterized by the media as “the Queen of Scandal.” “They always say I’m vulgar, I therefore insist that I am the Queen of vulgar women,” said the ex of Bobby Larios’.

Marcos sent her ex a message after he said she was going to marry just to spite him: “Not at all, I swear to you. What a shame my love, truthfully, it’s not spite. You left my heart, ” she concluded.

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