People Staff
September 09, 2008 AT 01:00 PM EDT

After rumors that Ninel Conde took a break from TV and music for a few weeks to get plastic surgery, the singer returned to the scene annoyed about all the talk, and assured she was in the hospital because of a hernia.

“You’re already starting with your dumb insinuations. It’s a lack of respect. I’ve been very week, they even had to give me a blood transfusion because I was so frail. This happened as a result of amounted stress I’ve endured, and it got worse with the hernia,” said the 37-year-old on La oreja (Televisa).

“It bothers me a lot that you were talking about whether I did this or that, or plucked myself here or there. It took courage to leave my work and do this. I planned this,” she said.

The Mexican actress, who plays Rosario in the soap Fuego en la sangre (Univisión), said she was treated for the hernia, which was complicated by a gastric problem that was aggravated by the recent death of her mother.

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