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October 01, 2008 AT 02:00 PM EDT

The entertainment world was shocked when new that Myrka Dellanos was physically assaulted by her husband, Ulysses Alonso, who was given a restraining order after being jailed. In the November issue of PEOPLE EN ESPAÑOL we take a close look at their couple, who was undergoing marriage therapy as they tried to salvage their relationship. Close sources spoke to PEOPLE EN ESPAÑOL, revealing what really happened on that night when the journalist, 43, desperately called 911.

According to one source, the problems started shortly after Alonso, 27, moved into Dellanos’ home, whom she shares with her mother, 75, and her daughter, Alexa, 14. This source also claims that Alonso complained that his wife treated him more like an assistant than a husband, and that she was frigid towards him. But the straw that broke the camel’s back was when Alonso proposed that they should rent jet-skis to go around the bay, and that Dellanos responded that “the only yacht I’ll ever go on is the one that belongs to Luis Miguel”.

The story of Myrka y Ulysses

PEOPLE EN ESPAÑOL also spoke with Cassandra Alonso, the sister of Ulysses, who said that the complaint that her sister-in-law filed in court is riddled with exaggerations that have been repeated by the press and media. “It’s repulsive what they’ve done with him… everything that’s come out TV and the radio,” said Cassandra.

For now, Alonso, according to friends, has rented a small apartment near the house of Dellanos, who is joining him in couple’s therapy. In addition, Alonso is taking required anger management classes. “Marriage is difficult, and I know that,” said the twice-divorced Dellanos to PEOPLE EN ESPAÑOL in May. “But you have to work at it, and make the other person a priority.”

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