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June 26, 2007 AT 06:00 PM EDT


Christian Chávez’s life changed radically the day he met his current partner, William B.J. Murphy, in December of 2003, at a grocery store in Canada while filming the Rebelde novela. All it took was seven days for Chávez to realize that B.J. was the love of his life. “One night, before leaving [Canada] we were having dinner and I said [to B.J.]: Would you go to Mexico?” Chávez remembers fondly about that day. “He kept quiet and said to me: Do you want me to go? And I said yes. He had to quit his job, had to get a passport and a work permit… When we said goodbye, it was like a soap opera.”

A soap that had a happy ending for Chávez and his partner. After being away from each other for a month and a half, BJ got his immigration papers in order and moved to Mexico City with Chávez, who welcomed him with open arms, along with his family. “I lived with my parents at home. When I got back from Canada, I told them: I met such and such person, I believe it’s the person with whom I want to be and I want to share (my life), and I believe it’s time for me to find my own place to live,” Chávez remembers. “I had a very frugal apartment, with a mattress… A year went by and we realized that we were happy and whole, and we said, let’s have a ceremony.”


Although Chávez became aware of his sexual preference very early on, he decided to wait until he turned 16 to talk openly about it with his family. “The most difficult words you can say are “I’m gay,” Chávez concedes. “I’ve never be in a relationship with a woman. In fact, I’m not one of those people who say, I’m going to go with so-and-so in order to have my picture taken with her and to show how macho I am,” he added.

Chávez, who was born in Northern Mexico where people aren’t particularly open-minded regarding sexual issues, was very anxious, but he got the courage to get together with his parents in their living room at home in Mexico City and tell them the truth. “I told them, I’m gay. My dad said: ‘Look, Christian as long as you continue to be a human being who lives by the values I taught you and continue to love your family and continue respecting yourself, your sexual life is your thing.’ My mom had a real hard time with it, but it’s a process that happens little by little.”

Chávez’s sister, Jazmín Pérez Garza, 27, was and continues to be unconditional with her support during his catharsis. “To tell the truth, to be able to say and talk, for me to be able to say, yes, yes, I’m gay, is due to the many people who fought for years and years and years for respect,” said Chávez, adding that RBD band members and Pedro Damián knew about his sexual preference long before he made it public. “As long as people respect one another, there is no problem.”


Will he become a father? No doubt, Chávez says. But not quite yet. “Right now, I’m 23. When I turn 30, that sense of wanting to be a dad will kick in,” he says, adding that he will live in Mexico. “I’d like to adopt because I think there are so many children who need love. Instead of creating one, we’re going to get a baby so that we can shower it with love and opportunity, and for it to be someone who is full of talent.”

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