Isis Sauceda
January 19, 2016 AT 11:04 PM EST

Maite Perroni started leaving her mark in the music world as part of the international pop sensation group RBD. But when the Mexican band broke up in 2008, Perroni faced the challenge of going solo.

Now, after a successful foray into the world of Spanish-language telenovelas, the 31-year-old Mexican singer and actress has come into her own, musically, with her first CD, Eclipse de Luna (Warner Music). “I always wanted to do a Latin music album,” she says. “It has been well received.” And with that affirmation, this stunning beauty is more than ready to continue writing her own story.

What is the meaning of music in your life?

For me, music is the best language there is; it’s a universal language. Through music you can feel, remember, love, cry, have fun, dance. I think music is always with us in our emotions and, depending on how we feel, we will find [a song] that will make us vibrate [to those feelings].

Is there a song that defines your life or career?

RBD’s “Empezar desde cero” (“Starting from Scratch”). [It was] the first time I was able to sing a solo within the group and from that song on, it was like starting over for me, because I began [doing] television again, it was when I got my first lead [in the telenovela] Cuidado con el ángel and I started my path as Maite Perroni. I started to write my own story.

How does it feel to be thought of as a role model? What message do you want to spread through your music?

It feels nice, special. What’s important is to let [people] know that everyone has their essence, their personality and you can’t pretend to be someone else. The best expression of yourself is when you start communicating from who you are. I’ve really tried to share myself with people in an authentic way and show them that through hard work and dedication you can achieve things and, at the same time, share who Maite really is—not through a role or a microphone—but Maite with her defects and qualities. A normal person as any other.

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