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May 04, 2007 AT 02:00 PM EDT

If you’re a Mexican who lives in the U.S., you probably have your tequila ready for this Cinco de Mayo weekend.

Well, not probably… We are 100 percent sure that you already have your tequila waiting for you in the fridge.

And you are not the only one. According to the PR company that handles Tequila Don Julio, Eva Longoria requested a bottle of their aged 1942 edition to help her celebrate Cinco de Mayo in style.

Along with her, Tijuana’s techno band Nortec Collective, Monterrey’s international success band Kinky, and Robert Rodriguez himself will have their bottles ready this weekend.

And while the above mentioned Mexican Americans do have a reason to celebrate, Matthew McConaughey will join the cause with a bottle of Tequila Blanco.

Other celebrities known for their love to México’s elixir –its most popular brands being José Cuervo, Cazadores, Herradura, Sauza and Viuda de Romero– are Vicente Fernández, Lupillo Rivera, Paulina Rubio, David Beckham, Oprah Winfrey, among many others.

Tequila is so wordly popular than even legendary singer Pedro Infante will have his own brand, as his surviving family declared it to El Universal.

In a interesting note, the same company that handles Don Julio did a research and found out that 60.3 percent of all Americans will enjoy the festivities of the Cinco de Mayo this year!

What makes it more interesting though, is that even though the Mexicans won a battle against France in Puebla on this day, this is not a popular celebration in México. In fact, it is ignored by a large extent of its population.

How did it become a festivity in the U.S.? We are guessing any day is a good day to drink tequila… or at least that’s what this study seems to suggest.

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