People Staff
January 09, 2008 AT 11:00 AM EST

On Monday, news circulated that the Latin American Solidarity Action Foundation (ALAS) was planning a super-concert called Live Earth Latino to raise awareness about global warming, poverty and social problems in Latin America. According to the information, the concerts would take place on Mar. 29, with simultaneous shows in Mexico City, Madrid, New York and Buenos Aires and featuring artists and groups like Maná, The Police, Madonna, U2 and Ricardo Arjona, among others. But despite all the buzz, the organization denied the news.

“The ALAS Foundation is carrying out the pre-concert production for 2008, but it is not presenting Live Earth Latino or Live 8 Latino. Our objective is NOT the group signing as it is and was the objective of Live 8, nor are we dedicated 100 percent to the environment, as is and was the concept of Live Earth and former vice president Al Gore; we don’t have anything to do with them. Our focus is the health and education of youth in Latin American between the ages of 0 and 8. NO ONE is organizing Live Earth Latino,” Ruth Infarinato, spokesperson for the foundation, told in a press release.

It should be mentioned that ALAS is in fact organizing live, multi-city concerts for this year. The group is currently trying to set up shows in Mexico, Buenos Aires, Madrid and a U.S. city, but not under the Live Earth Latino name, and the concerts won’t be affiliated with global warming.

Infarinato also informed that ALAS is currently working with the World Health Organization and the Haitian government on the largest-scale vaccination program in that country.

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