People Staff
May 08, 2008 AT 05:00 PM EDT

Lindsay Lohan had to return a mink coat, valued at 11 thousand dollars, to a Columbia University student after the young woman accused the actress of stealing it from her at a private party held on January 26th at New York’s nightclub 10ak.

The coat’s rightful owner, 22-year-old Marsha Markova told The New York Post that during the party, she sat down briefly next to the 21-year-old actress. Markova said she left the coat next to those of other guests, but when she was ready to leave and went back to get it, it was already gone!

Two weeks later, Markova -who had already given up on the idea of ever getting her coat back- saw a photo of Lohan in a magazine wearing her coat as she exited the same New York nightclub on the night of the party. A few days later, the student searched online for other photos of Lohan taken on the night of January 26th. Markova found photos of the actress barhopping that same night before arriving to 10ak, but wearing a black jacket. P] After calling 10ak and Lohan’s lawyer numerous times, three weeks after the incident, Markova got her coat back. However, the valuable garment reeked of cigarettes and alcohol and had a small hole in it. Although the student and her lawyer did not file charges against Lohan, they are asking the Mean Girls actress to pay at least 10 thousand dollars for the unauthorized three-week usage of the coat.

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