October 10, 2016 AT 06:52 PM EDT

The struggle is real, and for Millennials that struggle is debt. Recently labeled the “children of the Great Recession” by former secretary of state Hillary Clinton, 23-to-35-year-olds are having a hard time paying their bills. Two-thirds of Millennials have at least one source of long-term debt, The Wall Street Journal reports. With this age group relying on auto title loans, pawnshops, and payday loans, among others, and tapping into their retirement accounts, it’s getting harder to live with financial independence.  

Author Lauren Greutman experienced the downside of debt when she owed more than $40,000 and operated on a monthly deficit of $1,000 all by the age of 25. Now debt-free, Greutman shares her step-by-step program in her newest book The Recovering Spender. The living expert sat down with Chica to chat about credit cards, student loans and an app that makes shopping profitable. 

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