People Staff
December 19, 2007 AT 03:00 PM EST

Now you can take La fea más bella home with you. The DVD set, which contains four two-sided discs and features English subtitles, contains the famous story of Lety and Don Fernando, starring Angélica Vale and Jaime Camil. The DVD of the record-breaking show is available in stores starting Feb. 19.

Fall in love all over again with the underdog story about overcoming obstacles with a positive attitude. Main character Lety Padilla, a woman whose beauty doesn’t shine on the outside, is looking for true love and deals with the harsh reality of humiliation while searching for it. Don Fernando continuously rejects her until he comes to grips with his feelings for her.

Based on the original story from Fernando Gaitán, producer Rosy Ocampo has made the Mexican show a success. Pick up the DVD of la fea más bella and relive all the great moments.

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