November 29, 2016 AT 06:03 PM EST

Each season, brands are teaming up with celebrities to launch new campaigns and Keke Palmer has joined the movement. The Scream Queens actress has teamed up with ShoeDazzle to curate two special footwear collections. 

“I love to express myself through fashion and have fun with my choices so I was thrilled to curate a collection for ShoeDazzle,” said Palmer. “I hope I can assist women in the many different ways they can rock their style in their shoes.” 

A dozen styles, starting at $39.95, are out now with a cater-to-all mix of booties, stilettos, sneakers and more. The actress and singer’s personal style will also influence a second collection to be released in January 2017. 

As she dips her toes into the world of fashion, Chica caught up with Keke to talk about her collection and style.  

It’s a dream for many girls to have their own shoe collection. Was this something you’ve dreamed of doing? 

Yes, having my own collection has been a dream of mine and I am also happy to be able to show that a cool product can be created at an affordable price. So it is two “dream” birds with one stone thanks to ShoeDazzle! 

What served as inspiration in your collections? 

Youth. I love being my age. That feeling started at around 17 and has continued [ever since]. Before the age of 17, I was always trying to be an adult. Continuing to keep things light and expressing myself through whatever I am going through in the moment keeps it light and fun – and that’s the feeling of “youth” no matter the age! 

How would you describe your style? 

Street but sweet. 

Any favorites from the collection that just dropped? 

The jean bootie, silver loafer and the black thigh highs. 

What can be expected from your second drop in January? 

Those jean booties! Along with a bunch of other trendy and affordable items. Go crazy! [screams]

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