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August 31, 2007 AT 02:30 PM EDT

Mexican journalist Gustavo Adolfo Infante declared on the program Escándalo TV (Telefutura) that Verónica Castro was physically attacked by her son Cristian, 32, and that this was the motive behind their parting.

“One night they were at the home of Doña Socorro (Verónica’s mother), and they started to argue about the deeds of a house. Things between Verónica Castro and Valeria Liberman weren’t going well. Then, when [Cristian and Valeria] tried to open the safe to take out the deeds, Verónica intervened, and Cristian must have either pushed her, smacked her or hit her in the heat of the moment, but Verónica fell on her back, ended up getting sick and had to be hospitalized,” he stated.

As you might remember, the Rosa salvaje actress had already injured her spine from an elephant accident on the show Big Brother VIP.

The Mexican entertainment reporter, 25, highly esteemed in his country, says he has credible sources and that he has no reason to make up such a serious matter, as he respects both the actress and the singer.

“If you analyze point by point what Cristian and Verónica have said, everything lines up. Cristian said in an interview in Mexico that he would never hit his mom unless his wife was involved [Valeria Liberman, 32].”

Verónica Castro said that “what happened was very grotesque,” and in an interview with the Mexican newspaper Reforma, she asserted that the encounter happened at her mother Doña Socorro’s house.

“My mom is my mom, and I wouldn’t change her for anything. No one messes with her, much less them [Cristian and Valeria], and that’s why I’m bothered, because they had no reason to be in that house,” the actress stated.

As for Cristian Castro, he totally denies that he assaulted his mother. Verónica Castro hasn’t confirmed or refuted this version and only says to “ask them to explain what happened.”

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