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January 18, 2008 AT 01:30 PM EST

Singer José José didn’t hesitate to answer his ex-wife Anel’s appeal that he leave the U.S. and go back to his family in Mexico. The singer wasn’t happy when he responded, insisting that he doesn’t want to turn his life into a circus and that his family shouldn’t expect forgiveness any time soon.

The 59-year-old artist did an interview with Televisa Espectáctulos regarding his experiences this past year with Anel and their two kids, José Joel and Marisol. “We all do what we see our parents do, so why don’t my kids imitate what I do…which doesn’t include telling lies and disrespecting all of you who watch us, who listen to us and expect the truth from us,” he said.

As for the media coverage of his family life, the singer explained: “It surprised me…that the press say whatever they feel like saying. They all make stuff up.”

“It’s a never-ending circus, and I’m not playing anymore,” he said with a resigned tone. The ballad star merely asked that people respect him and don’t take jabs at his new family with Sara Salazar and their daughter Sarita.

Although he didn’t want to go into depth about his family business, José José will go public with more information with the publication of his autobiography, which will include his struggles with alcohol and, of course, the truth behind his marriage to Anel.

“No one knows what’s really behind all of this, and I’m going to tell them in my book…I’m not used to telling lies, it doesn’t help anything, because then you have tell more and more,” the singer explained.

Anel’s version of the story is already available in a book called Volcán apagado.

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