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June 28, 2013 AT 06:54 PM EDT

Jeannette Torres is the perfect example of a 21stcentury woman. Published author, mental health counselor, broadcast journalist, early childhood expert, community activist, administrator, wife and mother, there is nothing she can’t do! As she puts it, anything is possible when you get the balance right. How to achieve balance? Torres will answer that question and a lot more during her presentation at the 2013 Festival People en Español in San Antonio.

Why does Festival People en Español mean to you?

It is a great celebration of our culture, where we leave aside our different countries and simply become Latinos.

Why is this topic, Working Women: Where is The Love, so important to you?

Women in the 21stcentury women are what I call workingwomen. Having a successful career and family with children at the same time is no easy task…and it’s very stressful. If we find the way to balance those two aspects, there is a chance to enjoy a fulfilling, quality life.

What is the audience going to take away from your presentation?

I’m going to give them practical tools they can apply to their day-by-day, to fight stress and protect love, which is the most important part of life.

From all the big stars coming to Festival this year, whom do you admire the most?

I especially respect Cristina Saralegui. She has an incredible career, but what I most admire are her achievements within the Latino community in this country.

Of all the concerts, which is the one you don’t want to miss?

I am not missing the great Gloria Estefan. I love her rhythm and her voice. I grew up listening to her music. We love her in my island, theIsla del Encanto!

You know San Antonio very well, what would you recommend as a must to visit?

I would definitely recommend the River Walk. Its botanical gardens, cascades, art and colorful patios are perfect for a beautiful walk. Not to mention the food… It’s delicious!

What do you like to do in your spare time?

Enjoy a nice cup of coffee. Sometimes it’s hard when you have two kids. I also love to have my nails done with my daughter. And, if I have the chance, spending the day at the beach with my husband and my two children, Andrea and Santiago, is the perfect plan.








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