People Staff
December 20, 2007 AT 11:00 AM EST

Actress Irma Serrano, better known as La Tigresa, has accused her former roommate Patricio Zambrano of plotting to kill her with poisoned food, reports the show La oreja (Televisa).

“He had everything planned to kill me. He stopped by a Tres Marías [restaurant] and had pre-ordered a mushroom quesadilla. He didn’t eat, and I started to throw up,” Serrano, 74, said in an interview with the show. The controversial actress added that he had been trying to do this to her before the incident, and mentioned that he was never anything more than an employee.

When Zambrano found out about the accusations, he said she’d misunderstood the brotherly love he had for her. “If you look at the pictures from the past, we were always having fun. Everything you see paints a good picture of me,” he told the show’s hosts.

“Just imagine me in a Tres Marías buying quesadillas to poison her. Those are the accusations of an 80-year-old woman. She never understood how much I loved her,” Zambrano said, denying Serrano’s words. In the interview, he also talked about how happy he is to be father again.

Previously, La Tigresa had stated that Zambrano tried to steal from her, explaining that “everything’s already being investigated. I know where he has the money.”

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