AFP via Newscom
People Staff
October 02, 2007 AT 03:10 PM EDT

According to the news agency AFP, Hugo Chávez recently released an album titled Canciones de siempre (Songs from Always) that features the 53-year-old leader singing Venezuelan folk songs and rancheras (traditional Mexican songs).

Reports inform that on Sunday, Chávez showed off the CD cover, which shows him wearing a sombrero, on his government-owned TV/radio program Aló Presidente, which airs on various media circuits. Sources from the presidency revealed that the album includes rancheras from the Mexican Vicente Fernández.

Chávez occasionally croons songs and joropos, Venezuelan Creole music, on his program. He typically ends each show with a performance from a musical group, often dancing to the band’s music as they play.

The disc will be given away for free in Venezuela.

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