People Staff
February 11, 2008 AT 05:00 PM EST

Singer Héctor Delgado, better known as “El Father,” was involved in a confusing incident over the weekend that resulted in the arrest of four of his companions for violating a gun law and for attempted murder. Although the judge in charge of the case couldn’t find reason to arrest the singer, prosecutors are planning on presenting new evidence against him that could lead to an arrest.

The 29-year-old singer was stopped at a gas station in Aguada, Puerto Rico, late Saturday night after performing at a private event. When a female fan asked for the singer’s autograph, his companions – identified as Llovet A. Quiñones, Christan Ayala García, Esteban Vargas Sanjurjo and Joan Ojeda Salinas – allegedly got into an argument with the fan’s husband.

“He [Héctor] is the person who ordered them to shoot. When he said ‘shoot him, he’s getting cute,’ the shootout began. He’s the leader of the group, the main person. If he doesn’t say anything, then nothing happens,” Juan Baez, the investigator working the case, told Puerto Rican newspaper El Nuevo Día.

District Attorney José Aldebol informed that he’ll make a motion to have the singer and his brother Joel Delgado appear in court again. “We’re convinced that the evidence we have should have been enough to determine cause, and we’re going to ask the court to give it a better look,” he said. If the motion is accepted, Héctor risks being arrested for attempted murder and an arms violation.

The singer’s four companions were released after posting bail at $4,000 each. They’re scheduled to appear in court today to have electric monitoring devices put on them, and to undergo drug tests.

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