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July 22, 2008 AT 05:00 PM EDT

They’re practically day and night, two worlds apart, but that didn’t stop Thalía and Daddy Yankee from recording a remix for the song “Ten paciencia”, the first single on the Mexican singer’s new disc, Lunada that’ll hit airwaves starting today.

The pop star and the reggaetónero proved to be a great duo. “I’ve always admired Daddy Yankee and his success,” said Thalía yesterday at a press conference. “It’s such a joy for me to do this with him.”

Click to listen “Ten paciencia (Thalía featuring Daddy Yankee remix)”!

We’re not surprised. Anything involving Daddy Yankee is a bit of an adventure. Just think of his hits: “Ella me levantó” or “Gasolina.” This song will be one of the remixes off of Lunada, the latest effort from the Mexican star, which includes 11 songs produced by her friend Emilio Estefan.

Moreover, Thalía has also collaborated with another special star: her 10-month old baby, Sabrina Sakaë, whose laugh and gurgles can be heard on the song “Bendita”.

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