People Staff
August 15, 2007 AT 04:05 PM EDT

Few are aware of Gwyneth Paltrow’s cooking skills, but it seems she likes to cook. The American actress’ new adventure revolves around nothing less that Spanish gastronomy. According to news agency EFE, she’ll co-host a program with the Italian-American Mario Batali.

Although she didn’t offer many details about the project, Paltrow, 34, told the magazine W that she’ll have to travel throughout all of Spain in October and November. “We’ll take a car and hit the road,” she said to EFE. And during these travels, the star of Shakespeare in Love won’t have any language problems; in 1987 she studied Spanish — in Spain.

Although meat figures prominently in Spanish cuisine, the Oscar winner will not give up her strict macrobiotic diet, which does not include meat.”I love all those strange sea food things, like eels,” she said and added, “I’ll avoid ham, because I am not going to eat pork.”

Paltrow is bi-continental. She, her husband Chris Martin, 30, the lead singer of Coldplay and their two children Apple, 3 and 16 months-old Moses, divide their time in London and New York. Her next film, The Good Night, produced and directed by her brother Jake Paltrow, opens next October.

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