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October 23, 2008 AT 03:05 PM EDT

After moving from Miami in 2005, Gianmarco has found the inner peace he had yearned for in Peru, his native land, where he has lived now for three years. It is there also where he’s charged his batteries, acquiring a full load of creative energy, which he has poured into his new album Desde adentro (From Within), nominated for the two Latin GRAMMYs: Best Vocal Pop Male Album and Song of the Year.

Curiously, Gianmarco says that “Todavía” (Still), the song which garnered the latter nomination, wasn’t planned and was born randomly. While on a break during a recording session in Los Angeles, the producer, Aureo Baqueiro, sat at the piano and casually started playing a melody. The tune appealed to Gianmarco and he couldn’t resist writing the lyrics.

“Aureo started to play and I started writing, and ‘Todavía’ came out,” Gianmarco remembers. “It’s an intense song that works out only with a piano.” When he realized that they had a future hit on their hands, they recorded the ballad live. Though this was the last song they included in the album, it’s precisely the one nominated for the Latin GRAMMY.

The album also includes the unreleased ballad “Hasta que la vida pase” (Until life goes by) and other big hits by the singer/composer, previously made famous by other performers, like “Hoy” (Today) (Gloria Estefan), “Hasta que vuelvas conmigo” (Until You Come Back to Me) (Marc Anthony) and “Canta corazón” (Sing, Heart) Alejandro Fernández). “I was eager to sing them,” admits Gianmarco about these songs. “I was beginning to be known more as a composer in the United States, but in my country I was always a singer.”

In this acoustic album, the Peruvian recovers this facet, singing his most famous songs in his own style. However, he hasn’t neglected his work as a composer, and has written new songs for upcoming albums by Paulina Rubio, Diego Torres and the solo album by Noel Schajris, former member of the duet Sin Bandera.

When he’s not at the studio, Gianmarco enjoys the company of his wife Claudia Moro and their three children Nicole, 12, Fabián, 5, and Abril, 3, whom he describes as “the engine of [his] life.” And what very few people know is that the Peruvian is a soccer fan and he plays three times a week. Definitely, he never ceases to amaze us.

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