People Staff
January 15, 2008 AT 06:00 PM EST

Fabián Lavalle told the Mexican press today that he never refused to take a lie detector test, but rather that he was never offered that option. The journalist – also known as Fabiruchis – affirmed that he’s more than willing to take such a test, referencing his willingness to undergo a psychological exam days earlier.

“I never refused the polygraph test as it’s been said. The authorities never asked me to take one,” he stated. He was also asked about how truthful he’s been in regards to the case against his supposed attacker, Alfredo Cervantes Landa. “It’s a serious process that’s being dealt with by the law,” he curtly replied. As he’s said previously, he’s not inclined to over-emphasize the facts of the case to the press.

Lavalle did mention that he still hasn’t fully recovered from the Oct. 31 incident, and that he’s still in therapy.

Even though he’s admitted to being in a fragile emotional state, Fabiruchis hopes to head back to Mexican TV soon to entertain and thank the public for their unconditional support during this difficult time.

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