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October 25, 2007 AT 05:05 PM EDT

After leaving Mexico almost six years ago in search of new professional endeavors, Erick Elías is back in his native country, now an A-list telenovela actor recognized all over Latin America who’s about to shoot his first leading role.

The 27-year-old actor left the Telemundo network – where he won the reality show Protagonistas de novela 2 and had roles on various telenovelas – and signed with Televisa to do a handful of projects. The first is Tormenta en el paraíso, from well-known Mexican producer Juan Osorio, that will also star Mexican actress Sara Maldonado.

While still working on the drama, which premieres in Mexico on Nov. 12 on Univisión, the actor had an exclusive chat with

What was it like going back to Mexico after almost six years?
It was a huge change…I switched from Telemundo to Televisa, for a project I’m really excited about. I’ve got all of my friends here. I missed Mexican food. It’s great to be back.

Tell us a little about your character in Tormenta en el paraíso…
His name is Nicolás Bravo. He’s got two siblings, is a lawyer…He tries to help the people who work in his hacienda. His mother abandoned them when they were kids, which is why he really resents women. So it’s not easy for him to fall in love, because he’s afraid they’ll do the same to him. Until he meets Aimar, who is Sara Maldonado’s character.

What does an actor feel when he’s filming his first starring role?
There’s a lot of nerves…a good fear…I really like the character, I really like the story, I like the vibe I’ve gotten from the rest of the staff and production. Even though I think the roles I’ve done have been just as important, this represents more responsibility…more work; but more fun too.

When will we see you in Hollywood?
Before thinking about that, I have plans go and prepare. Fortunately I’ve had telenovela after telenovela, so I haven’t been lacking work. But unfortunately I havne’t dedicated enough to prepare myself, to work on my English, to take acting classes for film, which is a different technique.

Is there any actress you’d like to work with?
No one in particular. Now, if you ask me who I’d like to kiss, then I could dream…like with Jennifer Aniston. I’d love to kiss her.

How’s your heart doing?
Well, I’m single. It’s been two years now. I desperately want a girlfriend.

Are you looking for a girlfriend?
Yeah, the truth is I’m really craving one.

What do you look for in a woman?
Well, first off, that I can admire something about her, meaning that she be good at something. She should be interesting, a good person, creative and chill. And that we have a good time together. Physically, I don’t have a particular type. I’ve gone out with blondes and brunettes. I’ve got varied taste.

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