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People Staff
April 07, 2008 AT 03:00 PM EDT

Enrique Iglesias has done it again. For the fifth time in his musical career, the singer’s new album, 95/08, has premiered at #1 in the U.S and Puerto Rico. As if that weren’t enough, it also ranked first in digital downloads on iTunes.

The seemingly unstoppable Spaniard also added a new record to his career: his new single “Where are they my love?” has topped the list of Hot Latin Songs published by Billboard, turning the 32-year-old singer into the first Latino to ever have 18 songs at the top of their list.

Iglesias’ new CD is a compilation of his major hits and encompasses more than 15 years of his musical career. The new CD is sold in two formats: one compact disc with 14 songs, and a CD/DVD, which includes 19 songs, eight videos and an exclusive interview with the singer.

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