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June 24, 2008 AT 11:00 AM EDT

They say you can wear yourself thin if you take on too much. But that’s not the case for Eduardo Xol, a multifaceted maverick of Mexican descent who has excelled in areas ranging from music and acting, to designing interiors and exteriors, and book publishing.

Most remember the 42-year-old designer as Edi Xol, which became a household name in telenovelas that included Acapulco cuerpo y alma (1995), Sentimientos ajenos (1996) and La jaula de oro (1997). But before that, in 1994, Xol conquered the music world with his album La pasión, and was nominated for a Premio Lo Nuestro award as artist of the year. And even though that’s his only record to date, Xol can’t deny his love of music. “For me, music is my first language,” he says, “and I miss being around it, but thank God, I’ve had a lot of other great things keeping me busy.”

And a lot of great things is exactly what Xol has been doing in recent years. As a designer on Extreme Makeover: Home Edition (ABC), a reality show hosted by Ty Pennington, he and a team of designers and construction workers help families in need by building them a brand new house–in only seven days. “We’ll continue to help families who really need it and face difficult situations here in the United States. We look for heroes who do a lot for their families,” says Xol, who admits this project is a way for him to serve others. “I’m giving these communities and families the good fortune I’ve had because I had wonderful parents. Having the opportunity to help other people is incredibly rewarding,” he says.

His passion for design was inherited from his grandma, who always “imposed respect and reverence for the plants,” and it’s what makes this tireless artist carry out his creations beyond reality TV. In April 2007, he published his first book, Home Sense, a guide to redecorating a home without the assistance of a professional interior designer. “Each chapter is devoted to a different part of the house. It’s targeted to a very large audience and ranges from small student dorms to larger residences,” explains Xol, who last year also launched a line of cards and invitations for Quinceañeras parties under the name Quinceañera Creations.

It goes without saying that Xol is a prominent entrepreneur who triumphed in the business world. His company, Eduardo Xol and Xol– which is divided into Xol: Design, and Xol: Creative –has a respectable reputation within the field. That’s why he’s been named one of the 100 Most Influential Hispanics in the United States by the Hispanic Magazine. Xol also made it on the list of our 50 Most Beautiful People en Español in 2006.

Currently, the insightful designer is finishing up the final touches on his next book, Celebrations: Designing for the Senses, which will be published in October, and features tips on how to celebrate six different kinds of events. “For example, there’s the white-themed party, where the whole design will be white with crystal and silver, which can be used for an intimate wedding or an anniversary. It’s a base color that can be used for different events,” he says. The book will include his next CD, EDUARDO XOL Lifestyles, an album with music for every occasion created by Xol himself, who is an avid pianist and percussionist.

With so much talent and determination, it’s easy to see why Xol triumphs in every project he takes on. For the moment, his goal is to “continue to develop myself as a businessman,” and to represent Latinos in a positive light, “because this country has changed so much as a result of the good and hard work Latinos have done here, and I want to be a part of that.”

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