People Staff
June 17, 2008 AT 02:00 PM EDT

After flexing her musical theater muscles in Aventurera, actress Edith González will have to say goodbye to the stage now that she’s announced her plans to shoot a film in Colombia, reports the Mexican TV program La oreja (Televisa).

“I am a little weepy and fee sad about it,” said the beautiful blonde 43-year-old about having to leave the musical. But she also expressed her excitement about the start of the new film project that will be produced Televisa and Telemundo.

“They have a lot of faith and it’s a joint effort–a coproduction–and it’s great. I’m excited, and truth be told, I’m also nervous, but it’s a practically a done deal,” said the mother of Constanza.

The actress did not confirm when her last performance of Aventurera will be, but she did say that she’ll find out within the next couple of days when she’ll be traveling to Colombia, where she’ll spend 8 months filming and embarking on a new era in her career.

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